Training With Me

At Victoriam Performance, my goal is to find a fitness solution that fits your goals, your schedule, your personality, AND your budget.

ALL of my programs are only $1/day- period. 

No commitments, beyond just having a desire to do the work and change your life. 

I am in your corner 110%. 

My ultimate goal is to help you change your habits, find joy in being healthy, and never have a "day one" ever again.

Hey Friend!

Here at Victoriam Performance we have a three-fold purpose:

This is what you can expect from ALL of the programs below


My goal is to help you reach yours. 

Regardless of your level of experience, current fitness situation, schedule, access (or lack of) to equipment, we can navigate it! Life happens- we pivot and adapt and keep moving forward.

  • Get stronger
  • Learn how to maintain your goals after you reach them! 
  • Learn how to get a workout in in any situation
  • Find movements you enjoy and look forward to
  • Correct imbalances and prevent injury
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Never hit a plateau again


My priority when it comes to nutrition is to help you heal from and let go of old habits, learn new, non-restrictive ones, and reach your goals while still enjoying life. (PS: We don't do hungry.)

  • Learn macros, step by step
  • Build meal plans with my help
  • Learn how to shop and plan ahead
  • Stop fearing social situation or travel
  • Learn how to order at restaurants
  • Identify and navigate food triggers
  • Heal old, unhealthy habits
  • LOTS of fun recipes
  • No more fad diets
  • No more feeling DEPRIVED 


Physical appearance is only the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you learn to push your boundaries, know when to relax, set and achieve incredible goals, and lead a high quality life.

  • Maximize experiences
  • Set an example for your loved ones
  • Learn how to rest, not quit
  • Never have a day one again
  • Stop self-sabotaging
  • Find your why
  • Set and achieve goals continuously
  • Learn to pivot around schedule changes, injuries or unexpected changes
  • Stop burning out

Straight up, I have not found any program that can compare with quality training, whole person development, education, community, accountability, camaraderie and FUN that you will find here.

Why do I say that? 

Because my mission is not to get you abs or help you lose weight- I want to see you change your life. 

My purpose is to give you to tools to develop the discipline to get through the tough times

The education to eat flexibly and no longer fear social situations, traveling or boredom. 

To help you find training that you actually enjoy and look forward to. 

I want to see you love exercise not just for the results, but for the benefits of what you can do and how you feel. 

I want to see massive changes in your mental health

Your self confidence

What you accomplish in life- not just in fitness

I literally care about you. 

I give you my time and knowledge freely. 

I want you to know that if you ask me for help- I will help you. 

I do not care if you are on one of my programs or ever spend a dime within my company- 

I am rooting for you and I want you to succeed. 



The Programs

Honey Badger Hybrid Training
Train for $1 a Day

Honey Badger Hybrid training is an ongoing, daily program focused on increasing strength, power and endurance, with the result of sculpting muscle and achieving a lean and healthy physique.


Most of these workouts I wrote for and tested myself

Train exactly how I train. 

I believe in reaching your physical goals by increasing functionality. We go farther, we move faster, and we show up strong. 

This program is geared toward a basic gym setting:

dumbbells, barbells and cables recommended

  • Fresh workouts, updated weekly
  • Strength, Cardio && HIIT workouts
  • Beginner & Advanced Options Daily
  • Detailed notes on timing, form and substitutions
  • All exercises fully video illustrated
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Unlimited email and messaging support
  • Free macros and nutrition
  • Instant access at checkout
  • $31/month
  • Initial phone call with me and follow on calls as needed
  • Super fun and supportive Facebook Community
  • No commitments!

Home Grown Hybrid Training
No Gym? No Problem. 

Honey Badgers are adaptable. We figure it out no matter what. In this do-anywhere program, you'll find simple, to-the-point workouts that require only the most basic equipment. (Or none at all!)

Do not think for a second that because you are training at home that you will not be challenged just as much as you would in a gym setting. 

Whether your workouts have moved home due to COVID, or you just prefer the efficiency and privacy of not having to maintain a gym membership, this is a perfect solution that will leave you dripping and progressing every single day.

Like the Honey Badger Gym Program, the Home Grown Hybrid Program focuses on increasing your lean muscle functionality and appearance, targeting stubborn fat, and creating a well rounded base of fitness that prevents injury and allows you to do the things you want to do and feel comfortable in your own skin

Recommend Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells, mat, resistance bands, glute bands
(If you don't have these, it's okay! Substitutions are written in)

  • Fresh workouts, updated weekly
  • Beginner and advanced options daily
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Free Macros and Nutrition
  • Video illustrated workouts delivered to your phone
  • Unlimited email and messaging support
  • Detailed explanations and substitution options
  • No commitments!
  • For any fitness level!

20 Minute Power Training
No Time? No Problem

I get it- there is a lot going on right now! It's been a crazy year- a lot of you are working full time, in school yourselves, homeschooling and raising kids, dealing with uncertain gym situations, it's crazy! 

Making fitness a lifestyle means working with what you have- so with that in mind I've created a one of a kind program that will get you sweaty and wrecked in only 20 minutes a day.

  • Delivered through the same app as the home and gym hybrid programs
  • Bodyweight OR equipment options daily!! (This is HUGE)
  • Easily switch to and from this and back to other programs as needed
  • DONE in 20 minutes (options to make longer on days you have more time included) 
  • Same free macros, check ins and support 

My Promise to You:

I have your back. 

Not only when it comes to fitness and nutrition, but in helping you to use the momentum you will gain from achieving goals we set together to springboard success into other areas of your life. 

No matter how many times you have stopped, started over and had "day ones", you can achieve success. More than you can even imagine right now. 

I will hold you accountable. I will be available for you. I will strive to the utmost of my ability to set the example for you. 

I named my company Victoriam because it means "Victor, I am". 

It's a choice you make before you set foot in the gym.

Choose to win. I'll help.


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