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Our Famous $1 Programs

In line with our mission to provide the most effective, personal and affordable training possible, we offer 1:1 detailed coaching for only $1/day. 

There are no other programs in existence that offer what we do. 

However, there is a catch...

What is included: 

Initial consultation call with Brenna or Sam

- High-level app access that tracks your progress and automatically gives you feedback

- Unlimited, video-illustrated workouts

- Multiple program options that you can switch between at any time: beginner, gym, home, advanced, bodyweight, etc

- Custom macros, calculated and updated by your certified nutritionists Brenna and Sam

- Weekly detailed check-ins

- Nutrition education with the end result of total food freedom

- Weekly macro-ready recipes and shopping lists

- Brenna's personal cell number so that you can ask questions ANY time

- Detailed meal plan template and assistance filling it out

- Powerfully supportive community in the form of our Halfpint Honey Badger Facebook Group 

- Supplement education and recommendations

How It Works:

Step 1: Submit an application to the program

Step 2: Set up an initial call to discover what the best fit for you will be 

Step 3: If approved, follow the instructions to download the app, establish your subscription and set up your profile

Step 4: Read the welcome email thoroughly

Step 5: Join the Facebook Group (arguably the most fun of all these steps)

Step 6: Start submitting check-ins, communicating with your coaches and doing the work

Step 7: Don't quit.

The Catch...

The entire mission of Halfpint Honey Badger is not just to change outside appearances, but to help you learn permanent tools and create a healthy lifestyle that you love, that isn't an added stress upon your already busy life. 

That means that this isn't a short fix. 

It takes time, a lot of time, to change habits, to develop lean muscle, to get the education needed, and to make it through the many, many periods in the beginning where you won't be motivated and want to quit. 

Honey Badgers don't quit.

We don't want your money, we want you to win.

We're honey badgers, not honey sharks. 

If you want in on the $1 programs, there is a minimum of a

1-year commitment. No on again, off again, wishy-washy change your life crap. Sorry, not here. Month to month training will be billed at the regular rate, (which is still insanely inexpensive) as seen below. An application must still be filled out. 

Other Coaching Options

We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all plan. We want to help you, no matter where you are coming from.

In your call, with the help of Brenna or Sam, you can decide what is best for you now, and continue to evaluate it in the future. For the purposes of going into the call, here are the additional options that we offer:

Coach Samantha

1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Sam

This is an add on service for those who have already been accepted into the $1/day programs. Sometimes a deeper look into nutrition is needed for results.

While macros education and coaching is free, this is for those who need a little more guidance.

Sam digs into your past check ins, results, day to day food diaries, and takes you through her proven process for combating stubborn fat loss by identifying other underlying issues that you may be experiencing. 

(This is particularly helpful if you think you may be experiencing thyroid, adrenal or other hormonal issues).

Usually a 3-6 month commitment- set up a call with Samantha to discuss!

The Sugarloaf Protocol, by Coach Samantha

Sugarloaf Protocol Program is a 3 month minimum program that was designed by a team of doctors to include a sports medicine specialist, a regenerative medicine specialist, physical therapist, a functional medicine provider and myself, Samantha Pennell, CPT. 

Each phase of the Sugarloaf Protocol was thoughtfully and intentionally designed. In phase one we spend time learning about foods that cause inflammation, healing your intestines, ramping up your metabolism and removing processed food. In phase 2 we begin to add foods back in. Here education still takes place and we spend 4 weeks tactfully working through sensitivities and barriers. Phase 3 is our maintenance phase. Here we learn our boundaries with foods and caloric intake. 

Every single program member will be different. You will not all make it through the program in 3 months. Some of you will need more guidance than others. This program was designed to have a lot of one on one education and support. You will receive strict food guidelines, a phase 1 recipe book and comprehensive spreadsheet to data collect and give you the very best education and results that we can. 

No More Day Ones.”

-Brenna Fox

What Others Say


I’ve been training with Brenna for a little over a year and in that time my body has changed dramatically for the better. I’m so much stronger both mentally and physically.

Brenna taught me how to have a better relationship with food. There’s no longer the mindset that I shouldn’t have carbs because it’s bad for me. Now I see that as fuel my body needs to perform even better the next day.

If u want to change your life and get out of the rut you are in, try Team HPBH. Brenna will be there guiding u every step of the way like she’s done for me! Love her!💖



Brenna does such an amazing job at everything she does. Beginning with her kindness, she truly makes me feel so comfortable with anything I do or say to her. She is my biggest cheerleader. She is so real as well. If I mess up. She’s right there to tell me it’s ok we are human and I will get right back on that wagon. I love the wagon scenario she’s always talking about. It truly helps me when I’m falling off at times. She lets me know it’s okay. Also. Her dedication to her live feeds weekly gets me so excited to learn something new each and every week and I gain confidence each time. The group she has put together is unbelievable. Every single person feels like family and that is all because of her. Any question I have; she fully answers. I’ve never been so dedicated on my journey until I met Brenna. I can’t thank her enough!



Brenna Fox and her team are amazing human beings! They are professional and so knowledgeable! They respond very timely and the workouts and guidance are out of this world! I am soooo grateful to have found her and this community as well! ❤❤❤💪💪💪💪


Brenna offers a challenging, yet inspirational interaction that incorporates nutrition, fitness and the reality of challenges we all face in our quest to live fit, healthy lives. I especially love the fact that a donut now and then is ok!


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