Training & Nutrition

Working With Our Team

In line with our mission to provide the most effective, personal, and affordable training possible, we offer a variety of options based on your unique situation and goals

**These are our current options. Please scroll down to see the changes coming soon!

Step 1: Download the 1stPhorm App

We use TWO apps in our coaching program:

The 1stPhorm App is the only platform through which we do nutrition coaching.

The Trainerize App is the only platform through which we do exercise programming.

Both apps are required for HPHB membership.

Scroll down to see the member vs non-member benefits, and choose what best fits your situation.

**At a minimum, for any help whatsoever, you will need the premium version of this app. Use the 7-day free trial first!

Make sure that I am your advisor (or request me using 'halfpint'), and send me a message immediately.

Step 2: Decide Which Program Best Fits You

**Subscription to any training program automatically includes a HPHB membership, but nutrition coaching cannot be redeemed without also having the 1stPhorm app**

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

The Honey Badger Hybrid Program:

- Designed to be completed in a standard gym setting

-Program requires dumbbells, barbells, cables and basic machines

- High-level app access that tracks your progress and automatically gives you feedback

- Unlimited, video-illustrated workouts

- Detailed notes and progressive education

- Intermediate to Advanced Level

- No repeat workouts, but structured for progressive overload

- Build speed, strength and endurance

-Sculpt lean muscle

- Lose excess bodyfat and seamlessly keep it off

- Reduce the occurrence of loose skin and stretch marks

- Fun and challenging

-Year long program

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

The Home Grown Hybrid Program:

-Designed to be completed at home, with basic equipment

-Program requires a variety of dumbbells and bands only

-Detailed, video illustrated workouts with notes

-Intermediate to Advanced Level

- Detailed notes and progressive education

- Intermediate to Advanced Level

- No repeat workouts, but structured for progressive overload

- Build speed, strength and endurance

-Sculpt lean muscle

- Lose excess bodyfat and seamlessly keep it off

- Reduce the occurrence of loose skin and stretch marks

-Rate of progress determined by abundance of equipment

-Year Long Program

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

Base Camp:

-Designed to be completed anywhere

-Light Dumbbells and Bands

-Focuses on basic movement patterns, flexibility and core strength

-Ideal for very beginner level exercisers, as well as post-partum mothers, or individuals returning from a long period of low activity or injury

-Intended to prepare an individual for more challenging future programs. Membership includes progressions.

-Can be done nearly anywhere

-Detailed video examples and descriptions

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox


-Designed to be completed anywhere

-Mainly bodyweight or single set of dumbbells

-30 minutes or less

-Any level

Step 3: Get Signed Up!

Read the Member vs Non-Member descriptions below and decide which is right for you!

**Remember, no matter which option you choose, if you want help with nutrition you must have the premium version of the 1stPhorm app**

**The year-long HPHB membership is currently free through October 1st- in addition, the $1/day rate will be grandfathered to all sign ups before this date**

You can also select and sign up for any training program below to get started.

Set up a call with Brenna if you have not already!

**Or, if you aren't sure what you need or have additional questions, set up a call anyways. Happy to help. :) **

Read through the Getting Started Packet

Last Thing- Join the Facebook Group!

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

Our Training Philosophy:

We specialize in permanent change.

No more falling off- no more losing inches just to gain even more.

We teach you how to get your body to work for you,

To build metabolic strength that maintains your progress.

Our programs give you confidence in the gym,

strength to do the activities outside the gym that you love,

Energy in your day to day life,

Leanness that is simple and flexible to sustain.

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

Our Nutrition Philosophy:

Learning to eat is like learning a new language.

In the beginning, you need tools like flashcards...or a meal plan.

As you become more skilled, you rise to greater levels of confidence.

Old habits give way to new freedom.

We teach macro-based nutrition.

In this process you will learn what foods are made of

What foods your body likes

How to eyeball your goals

How to get away from measuring everything

How to eat out with confidence.

This process is different for everyone-

We customize our coaching and recommendations

Based on you, and what you need to win.

Half int Honey Badger - Brenna Fox

Making it a Lifestyle:

I am guessing that this is not your first time searching for a plan

For a solution.

Something that works.

There is a ton of information out there.

There also is not one right way-

But there is a way that is right for you.

Our mission is to connect you with the resources,

Teach you the discipline,

Walk with you through the challenges and fall offs

Until you find something that lights your fire.

That is sustainable.

That doesn't diminish the other aspects of your life.

It really doesn't come down to one nutrition routine

Or one training program.

It comes down to one you,

And the desire to be just 1% better every day.

New! Coming Soon

Halfpint Honey Badger Membership Site

All Inclusive Option

**Sign ups before October 1, 2021, will be grandfathered into the $1 rate, and will not be billed until the first of the month.**


-Access to all Halfpint Honey Badger programs (including new ones!)

-Switch between programs at any time

-Live workouts & Recordings

-Form workshops

-Exercise & Training Education

-Unlimited Help & Communication

-Progressive check ins

-Progress Tracking & Feedback

-Assistance with specific goals: fat loss, definition, muscle gain, strength, etc


-Complete Nutrition Education

-Custom Recommendations & Progressive (Unlimited) Macro Adjustments

-Recipes Collections & Shopping Lists

-Free Meal Plan Options and Templates

-1:1 Coaching Calls as Needed

-User Friendly Food Tracker

-Curated Tools and Resources for your Unique Background & Goals

-Personal Help with Logging Difficult to Track Foods or Menu Items


-Live Workouts

-Mobility & Recovery Workshops

-Macro & Meal Prep Classes

-HPHB Official Education Curriculum, with Practice Materials and Self Tests

-Hormone Education

-Form and Lifting Mechanics

-Gym Equipment Orientation

-Time Management Classes

-Reading/Podcast Small Groups


-Unlimited Personal Assistance from Coaches

-Member Pricing on Higher Level Programs (SugarLoaf, etc)

-First access new releases

-10% discount on all swag & gear

-1 automatic entry into all giveaways

-Special Requests for classes & resources

-Peer Mentorship Program

-Members will always be considered first for sponsorship or employment within HPHB

Pricing Details

Members have unlimited access to help and direct communication with coaches.

We know our members by name.

We generously give free grace months when life happens. Your success is our only priority.

Therefore, we feel confident in the overwhelming value of our pricing:

All Current $1/day clients will automatically be grandfathered as members

12 month membership price may increase from $31 to $35- as we wish to fairly compensate our hard working coaches.

If so, 10 days notice will be given, and all signups before that time will be honored.

Month to month membership will remain $49

The 1stPhorm app is still required for nutrition coaching. We make $0 off of this.

Total value of program is well in excess of $400+/month, due to the high level of personal time that we give to each of our members.

Please do not try to nickel and dime us. You did not get unhealthy for free either.

Non-Member Options


-Can still purchase individual access to Halfpint Honey Badger Training Programs

-Access to Free Workout Programs in 1stPhorm app. (Not written or coached by us.)

-Some Workout examples and education in Facebook Group

-Initial call with team member


-Recipes and Education found in Facebook Group

-Facebook Group Community to get questions answered

-Initial Macros set in 1stPhorm app

-Macros updated at beginning and end of Transphormation Challenges (every 8-10 weeks)

-Initial call with team member


-Live Stream Education in 1stPhorm app

-Monday Night Live Calls in Facebook Group

-Extensive saved resources found in Facebook Group Guides

-Can purchase access to meal plans and Sugarloaf Training Programs at non-member rates

Other Coaching Options

*These programs are above and beyond the scope of basic membership, but members receive the best pricing on all programs*

Coach Samantha

We know that there is not a one-size-fits-all plan. We want to help you, no matter where you are coming from.

In your call, with the help of Brenna or Sam, you can decide what is best for you now, and continue to evaluate it in the future. For the purposes of going into the call, here are the additional options that we offer:

1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Sam

This is an add-on service for those who have already been accepted into the $1/day programs. Sometimes a deeper look into nutrition is needed for results.

While macros alone are helpful, this is for those who need a little more guidance.

Sam digs into your past check-ins, results, day to day food diaries, and takes you through her proven process for combating stubborn fat loss by identifying other underlying issues that you may be experiencing.

(This is particularly helpful if you think you may be experiencing thyroid, adrenal or other hormonal issues).

Usually a 3-6 month commitment- set up a call with Samantha to discuss!

The Sugarloaf Protocol, by Coach Samantha

Sugarloaf Protocol Program is a 3-month minimum program that was designed by a team of doctors to include a sports medicine specialist, a regenerative medicine specialist, a physical therapist, a functional medicine provider, and myself, Samantha Pennell, CPT.

Each phase of the Sugarloaf Protocol was thoughtfully and intentionally designed. In phase one we spend time learning about foods that cause inflammation, healing your intestines, ramping up your metabolism, and removing processed food. In phase 2 we begin to add foods back in. Here education still takes place and we spend 4 weeks tactfully working through sensitivities and barriers. Phase 3 is our maintenance phase. Here we learn our boundaries with foods and caloric intake.

Every single program member will be different. You will not all make it through the program in 3 months. Some of you will need more guidance than others. This program was designed to have a lot of one on one education and support. You will receive strict food guidelines, a phase 1 recipe book, and comprehensive spreadsheet to data collect and give you the very best education and results that we can.

Other Links:

"No More Day Ones."

Brenna Fox

What Others Say


Victoriam Performance has changed my life! I have been working with Brenna for many months and she has helped me completely change not only my physical body but also my mindset. She is extremely knowledgeable on what exercise regimens and nutritional plans will work best for you. I also absolutely love her home workout program on the Trainerize app. I have always hated home workouts but, her program is not only never boring, I actually look forward to it each day.

**Trainer Note: Kemarrae is down 100 pounds without any crazy fads,

or over-exercising. Just consistency!


Brenna was recommended to me through a mutual friend and I am SO happy I found her! I’ve tried multiple fitness apps/programs over the years and

hadn’t been satisfied with anything- all the ones I tried were either not modifiable for my needs, not user friendly, or didn’t motivate me. Brenna and her program was an IMMEDIATE fit and finally gave me what I was looking for!

As a trainer she is motivating, knowledgeable, relatable, fun, and dedicated. You can tell she has a

passion for what she does, and genuinely wants to help each of her clients!

Through the course of my program she has helped me navigate my goals and overcome my struggles. I know if I have a question on an exercise/nutrition or anything related to my fitness journey I don’t have to hesitate to ask because she’ll get back to me in a timely fashion and w/a thoughtful response.

Her workouts are challenging but doable- she always brings something creative to the line up which keeps things interesting and fun.

Honestly, I’d recommend her 1000 times over (and continue to tell everyone I know about her program).

f you’re not a client of hers yet do it!!


Kolleen- Hair Queen, Hot Mama


I couldn’t recommend this anymore, in all reality. I haven’t ever had a trainer who challenges me or pushes me like Brenna. But in the same sense, LISTENS AND ASKS QUESTIONS, rather than just

telling me what to do. Men typically go to male trainers, and I always had. But I followed Brenna for a while and dove in. My strength is up MAJORLY, she makes sure my mental health is in place, and the feeling from all of this, is just PERFECT. This isn’t a group just for women, I can promise you that!

Brian- Healthcare


Amazing team of coaches. Always has the best advice on nutrition and workouts. Answers you back

quickly. Very mindful of your goals and how to get you there. They make you feel like you matter and they really want you to succeed.

So glad I found Brenna!!


HIGHLY recommend the HPHB team! Brenna is super awesome when it comes to meeting your goals on your page! She makes working out enjoyable especially with her app! Being able to let her know when a schedule may change and workouts may need to be different a certain week, or vacation arises and food choices may be limited...she works with YOUR lifestyle!

So grateful for Brenna!

Samantha- Entrepreneur


The Halfpint Honey Badger Team has been a huge game changer for me! After having kids I was lost about getting back into shape and being happy with myself and when I met Brenna instantly she uplifted me and made it all seem possible and within reach!! Ever since I started with her it has been nothing but

uplifting, powerful, joyful and made me a better/happier person! I am feeling like myself again and I ENJOY putting in the work... YEAH,


Brenna is with you every step of the way and especially if you have tough days She is there and even the Facebook group, she offers so many different resources to make your journey more manageable! She even has accommodations for many concerns you have with your body. I myself have a wrist issue and no matter what there is

always an alternative exercise.

This is the best I have felt in a long time and I am grateful!!

Blair- Alaskan, Supermom


I loved that the programs were easy to follow! I also loved that it included cardio. It shook up my routine and challenged me to try new things. Now I have people ask me all the time if they can lift with me and if I'm a trainer!"

Anne- Wife, Mom, Artist


Brenna Fox and her team are amazing human beings! They are professional and so knowledgeable! They respond very timely and the workouts and guidance are out of this world! I am soooo grateful to have found her and this community as well! ❤❤❤💪💪💪💪


Brenna offers a challenging, yet inspirational interaction that incorporates nutrition, fitness and the reality of challenges we all face in our quest to live fit, healthy lives. I especially love the fact that a donut now and then is ok!



I've been training with Brenna for a little over a year and in that time my body has changed dramatically for the better. I’m so much stronger both mentally and physically.

Brenna taught me how to have a better relationship with food. There’s no longer the mindset that I shouldn’t have carbs because it’s bad for me. Now I see that as fuel my body needs to perform even better the next day.

If u want to change your life and get out of the rut you are in, try Team HPBH. Brenna will be there guiding u every step of the way like she’s done for me! Love her!💖



Victoriam Performance came into my life by accident when I truly needed it the most. Brenna and her program are absolutely amazing. The workouts are going to be tough but the community and support will get you through and ensure your success.

If you are ready to make lifelong change and be the best you then Victoriam is what you need.

Daniel- USMC


Brenna does such an amazing job at everything she does. Beginning with her kindness, she truly makes me feel so comfortable with anything I do or say to her. She is my biggest cheerleader. She is so real as well. If I mess up. She’s right there to tell me it’s ok we are human and I will get right back on that wagon. I love the wagon scenario she’s always talking about. It truly helps me when I’m falling off at times. She lets me know it’s okay. Also. Her dedication to her live feeds weekly gets me so excited to learn something new each and every week and I gain confidence each time. The group she has put together is unbelievable. Every single person feels like family and that is all because of her. Any question I have; she fully answers. I’ve never been so dedicated on my journey until I met Brenna. I can’t thank her enough!







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