Why We Say

No More Day Ones

If you take the time to learn how to train, how to eat, and to discover what fits with your lifestyle
and what you actually enjoy- you never have to start over again 

Fitness is more than physique- it's learning the discipline to turn goals into reality.

It's loving your body during the process and not just at the finish line.

It's setting an example of health and valuing yourself to those you love.

It's conquering the mental battles around food.

It's walking confidently into any situation. 

It's getting rid of old habits and cycles of guilt.

Challenge yourself. Try new things. Work hard. 
You are a victor. You are a badass. You are strong. 
Choose it. Become it.

There are no more day ones after this. 

There will be failures and mess ups, but there is no more starting over. 

There is only pressing on.


  • Home, Gym or Bodyweight Options
  • Beginner to Advanced 
  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Weekly Live Workouts 
  • Fully Video Illustrated 
  • Learn Form and Techniques 
  • Lean muscle Definition
  • Functionality in Speed, Strength & 
  • Work Around Restrictions & Injuries


  • Detailed Macro Coaching
  • Step by Step Nutrition Education
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Learn How to Eat in Any Situation
  • Freedom from Restrictive Diets
  • Heal from unhealthy food habits 
  • Weekly Kid & Budget Friendly Menus
  • Meal Planning Tools for Any Schedule


  • Goal Setting Tips and Exercises
  • Successfully Build Permanent Habits
  • Developing a Healthier Mindset
  • Creating a Lifestyle that Fits YOU
  • Personal Development


  • Group Accountability
  • Make Lasting Friendships!
  • Challenges and Games
  • Prizes and Giveaways
  • Peer Support & Encouragement

Our mission is to give you all of the tools, education and resources to not need us anymore- we want you to stay because you find a place where you can celebrate your wins, safely learn from failures, and where you find unconditional support, friendships, ongoing growth and joy in the journey with a tribe of people who value and support you not only in fitness, but in life.

Louisa- verified badass, client since 2017

"Brenna’s program is what created my love of working out.

I’ve been doing her workouts since they were in PDF format and they just keep getting better and better. I always look forward to the new ones she uploads, her programs literally kick your ass. They are fun, always different, and challenging. You also get so much more than just workouts. You get help with macros (I was NOT a count your calories kind of girl), you get check-ins, encouragement, and a whole community of like minded people on the Facebook page. We can all agree help with motivation is a must to go on the fitness journey!! Everyone on the team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You can’t put a price on fitness and health, but if you had to, $31/mo is the deal of a lifetime. Plus it allows you to afford all the delicious supplements 😋 that you’ll want to start taking once you begin her program. Even reds and greens (psst add l-carnatine). 😂

kemarrae- wife, mom & artist

Victoriam Performance has changed my life! I have been working with Brenna for many months and she has helped me completely change not only my physical body but also my mindset. She is extremely knowledgeable on what exercise regimens and nutritional plans will work best for you. I also absolutely love her home workout program on the trainerize app. I have always hated home workouts but, her program is not only never boring, I actually look forward to it each day.

**Trainer Note: Kemarrae is down 100 pounds without any crazy fads, starvation, or over-exercising. Just consistency! 

What Others Say


"I loved that the programs were easy to follow! I also loved that it included cardio. It shook up my routine and challenged me to try new things. Now I have people ask me all the time if they can lift with me and if I'm a trainer!"

Anne- Wife, Mom, Artist


Victoriam Performance has been a huge game changer for me! After having kids I was lost about getting back into shape and being happy with myself and when I met Brenna instantly she uplifted me and made it all seem possible and within reach!! Ever since I started with her it has been nothing but uplifting, powerful, joyful and made me a better/happier person! I am feeling like myself again and I ENJOY putting in the work... YEAH, YOU HEARD ME 🤣 I ENJOY IT!! 🙂 Brenna is with you every step of the way and especially if you have tough days She is there and even the Facebook group, she overs so many different resources to make your journey more manageable! She even has accommodations for any concerns you have with your body, I myself have a wrist issue and no matter what there is always an alternative exercise. This is the best I have felt in a long time and I am grateful!!

Blair- Alaskan, Supermom


Brenna was recommended to me through a mutual friend and I am SO happy I found her!

I’ve tried multiple fitness apps/programs over the years and hadn’t been satisfied with anything- all the ones I tried were either not modifiable for my needs, not user-friendly, or didn’t motivate me.


Brenna and her program was an IMMEDIATE fit and finally gave me what I was looking for!

As a trainer she is motivating, knowledgeable, relatable, fun, and dedicated. You can tell she has a passion for what she does, and genuinely wants to help each of her clients!

Through the course of my program she has helped me navigate my goals and overcome my struggles. I know if I have a question on an exercise/nutrition or anything related to my fitness journey I don’t have to hesitate to ask because she’ll get back to me in a timely fashion and w/a thoughtful response.

Her workouts are challenging but doable- she always brings something creative to the line up which keeps things interesting and fun.

Honestly I’d recommend her 1000 times over (and continue to tell everyone I know about her program). If you’re not a client of hers yet do it!!


Kolleen- Hair Queen, Hot Mama


I couldn’t recommend this any more, in all reality. I haven’t ever had a trainer who challenges me or pushes me like Brenna. But in the same sense, LISTENS AND ASKS QUESTIONS, rather than just telling me what to do. Men typically go to male trainers, and I always had. But I followed Brenna for a while and dove I. My strength is up MAJORLY, she makes sure my mental health is in place, and the feeling from all of this, is just PERFECT. This isn’t a group just for women, I can promise you that!

Brian- Healthcare


Amazing team of coaches. Always has the best advice on nutrition and workouts. Answers you back quickly. Very mindful of your goals and how to get you there. They make you feel like you matter and they really want you to succeed. So glad I found Brenna!!


HIGHLY recommend VIctoriam Performance! Brenna is super awesome when it comes to meeting your goals on your page! She makes working out enjoyable especially with her app!

Being able to let her know when a schedule may change and workouts may need to be different a certain week, or vacation arises and food choices may be limited...she works with YOUR lifestyle! So grateful for Brenna! 

Samantha- Entrepreneur


Victoriam Performance came into my life by accident when I truly needed it the most. Brenna and her program are absolutely amazing. The workouts are going to be tough but the community and support will get you through and ensure your success. If you are ready to make lifelong change and be the best you then Victoriam is what you need.

Daniel- USMC 

Where to Start

Whether you want to join the Facebook Group first, apply for training, or just chat, eventually we will get on a call together, so my recommendation would be to start there. 

I am super nice, I promise :) 


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