Victor I Am

Before you can win, you must decide that you are a winner.

Hi friend. Welcome!

If you are here, you bring a unique set of challenges and goals to the table.

We want to meet you where you are and help to set you up for a lifetime of health and happiness.

At Victoriam, we are a little unique.

-One, we care a lot.

We have personal relationships with most of our clients. We know you by name, we have ongoing conversations as you grow, we get to know you so that we can help you the way that a good friend and mentor does.

-Two, we offer unlimited help.

You can message or set up a call with Coach Brenna or Coach Sam at any time and get a quick answer to any question. We make ourselves wholly available because that is what we see lacking most in other programs.

-Three, we dig deeper than simply training and nutrition.

Together, we work on discipline, mental toughness, resilience, and creativity- skills that not only will change your body and your functionality, but your mental health, the quality of your relationships, your finances, your time management, and, ultimately, the opportunities that come your way in life.

Everyone's journey will look a little different.

Our mission is to provide personal, affordable, permanent solutions that fit with the reality of your day to day life.

Here is to your very last day one!

Team Victoriam

No strings attached!

Whether you want to train with me or not, I am happy to answer your questions and point you towards helpful resources.


  • Home, Gym or Bodyweight Options
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Unlimited Workouts
  • Fully Video Illustrated
  • Learn Form and Techniques
  • Lean muscle Definition
  • Performance, Rehab or Maintenance
  • Work Around Restrictions & Injuries

  • NOT REQUIRED. If you prefer to take classes or stick to your own routine, or you are not in a place where you can work out yet at all, that is absolutely okay.


  • Progressive Macro Coaching
  • Step by Step Nutrition Education
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Downloadable Meal Plans
  • Freedom from Restrictive Diets
  • Heal from unhealthy food habits
  • Recipe Database
  • Meal Planning Tools for Any Schedule


  • Goal Setting
  • Successfully Build Permanent Habits
  • Developing a Healthier Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Building Your Support System
  • Staying Motivated
  • Personal Development


  • Group Accountability
  • Make Lasting Friendships!
  • Challenges and Games
  • Prizes and Giveaways
  • Peer Support & Encouragement

“Our mission is to give you all of the tools, education and resources to not need us anymore-

we want you to stay because you find a place where you can celebrate your wins, safely learn from failures, and where you find unconditional support, friendships, ongoing growth and joy in the journey with a tribe of people who value and support you not only in fitness, but in life.”

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